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Real faces Fitur with 6 tourism clients

Real is approaching Fitur with 6 tourism clients this year, marking the main event in Spain’s travel sector in January. Both international and national destinations, along with companies, have entrusted Alba Prieto and Sergio Flecha to enhance their participation in the fair, taking place from Wednesday, January 24, to Sunday, January 28.

Specifically, Real is assisting with various marketing and communication actions for international destinations such as the Tourism Office of Jordan and Tokyo Tourism; national destinations like Ruta del Vino de Rueda, Destino Vera (Almería), and Sant Josep de sa Talaia in Ibiza; as well as the unconventional accommodation platform Caoba Hotels.

Each of these clients, with different and specific needs, is committed to maximizing their investment in Spain’s primary tourism fair and the third most important in Europe.

Tourism communication within the fair

To leverage tourism communication during the fair, Real is implementing various Public Relations actions. These include:

  • Sending press releases announcing the participation of some clients in Fitur, with an approach that goes beyond the participation itself, given the information saturation in that regard.
  • Managing interviews in connection with the fair, both before the event and during the three professional days (from Wednesday, January 24, to Friday, January 26), as well as afterwards.
  • Hosting three press events with different formats: a presentation at the stand, a thematic dinner, and an informative breakfast.
  • Scheduling meetings with media and television producers to explore possible collaborations and press trips.

clientes de marketing y comunicacion en turismo

Tourism marketing actions for Fitur 2024

Moreover, some clients have sought assistance with tourism marketing actions for Fitur 2024. In this regard, Real is developing:

  • Meeting agenda with agencies specialized in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) to present a novelty from a national destination.
  • Assistance with the meeting agenda for an international destination to explore potential collaborations with wholesale and retail agencies that can boost travel sales to the destination.
  • Media plan with a modest investment for the destination but strategically designed to achieve its objectives.

With these actions and clients, the agency, participating in its fourth edition of Fitur, records significant growth. In the first year, during the pandemic-related May edition, Sergio and Alba attended as visitors to establish contacts and gain recognition. In the second and third editions (2022 and 2023, respectively), the agency supported Jordan Tourism. In 2024, for the fourth time, they are serving 6 different clients, including annual clients like Ruta del Vino de Rueda, Tokyo Tourism, Caoba Hotels, and Destino Vera; and two specific clients, Jordan Tourism and Sant Josep de sa Talaia.


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