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Benefits of Proofreading

Different focus

It’s very important to work out how to write for each format and understand whether the focus and structure of your text is right. It’s not easy!

Types of text

Descriptive or promotional? Online or journalistic? The text has to be coherent because this brings credibility and conveys your brand’s values.

Grammatical errors

These are without doubt your worst enemies because they directly affect your company’s reputation and also distract your reader from what you’re trying to tell them.

The importance of ‘online’

Do you want us to proofread the next text you write for your website? Are you unsure how to structure your content to position it correctly? Do you want us to proofread your Social Media posts?

Common spelling mistakes

If you’re not sure about some of the following questions, get in touch!
– “There” or “their”
– “its” or “it’s”
– “effect or affect”

Your Real team

Tell us what you need help with, who and what the text is for, and we’ll send it back to you when you need it so you can be sure that everything is perfect!

Contact us

Writing is key to communicating. If you’ve checked the same text over lots of times but can’t see any more mistakes, another pair of eyes wouldn’t go a miss!

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